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Congressman Cantor: Economic Growth Is Not A Government Program


Location: Unknown

"As we were home last week for the constituent work period, I think most of our members heard what is on people's minds. It is the economy. It is the fact that gas prices are too high. It is the fact that food prices are too high. It is the fact that home values continue to languish, and 25 percent of this country is still underwater with their mortage. I believe what people are looking for is some leadership from Washington.

"We heard the President's speech yesterday, and we saw a column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday written by Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, talking about some nice things that the President and his Administration are going to do. What we are about in this House is trying to exhibit real leadership and what the President needs to understand is that economic growth is not a government program. We need to do what is necessary to take away the uncertainty and the impediments in the way of small businesses and allow them to grow again. That is what our constituents are expecting, that is what we need to do to provide the leadership that is lacking on the part of this Administration."

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