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Strategy - Gun Rights

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"I'll ask Congress to repeal the McCain-Fiengold law which sought to impose restrictions on the First Amendment rights of groups like the NRA to advocate for issues we care about. Some parts have already been declared unconstitutional. We ought to get rid of the entire bill.

"Finally, let me say that one of the most active fronts in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights today is being waged in the courts. Lawsuits have been filed seeking to take away the individual's right to bear arms. We have to look no further than the Parker case. I hope the Roberts court takes the Parker case and upholds the Bill of Rights to protect gun owners everywhere. I've made it clear that I'll appoint judges who believe in strictly interpreting the Constitution, judges in the mold of Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. It's simply wrong for judges to legislate from the bench. They should follow the law in the Constitution, not make new law.

"And I know that good judges aren't our only defense in the courts. We need tort reform as well. That's the way we fight the back door attempt to ban guns by bankrupting manufacturers.

"The right to bear arms is the cornerstone of our personal freedoms.

"It's a constitutional guarantee passed down to us by the founders.

"And it helps keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave."


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