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Putting the U.S. Economy Back on Track

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. Madam Speaker, just today we got the bad news again that the jobless numbers have gone up, that our unemployment numbers have gone up and that much smaller job increases were created than were expected.

I think, as we continue to see unemployment going up over 9 percent--9.1 percent now according to the latest numbers--it is very clear that the President's spending and borrowing agenda has been a dismal failure. Yet the President continues to go down that path.

It is time for the President to start working with the House Republicans, who have sent jobs bill after jobs bill over to the Senate. For whatever reason, the President and the liberals in the Senate don't want to address the ability that we have presented to create jobs.

One real clear example is in our State of Louisiana where we have lost over 13,000 jobs because of the President's policies, where they won't let our people get back to the work of drilling safely for energy in America.

We don't want to get our energy from Brazil or from the Middle Eastern countries, many of whom don't like us and who use the billions we send to them to do us harm. We could keep that money here. We could keep those jobs here. There is a plan to do it. Plan after plan has been sent to the Senate, and for whatever reason, the Senate and the President continue to ignore them. Let's finally get our economy back on track.


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