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Woodall Joins Freshmen in Calling on President to Put Forth Responsible Plan to Cut Spending and Reduce Deficit

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

On Monday, June 6, 2011, Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) joined seventy-seven of his Freshman Republican colleagues in signing a letter to President Obama calling on him to present a plan to reduce the national debt and reform entitlement spending. A copy of the letter is available below.

"Last week, I traveled with my Republican colleagues to the White House to attempt a discussion with the President on pro-growth fiscal policies. Unfortunately, I walked away from the discussion empty-handed, and clearly my colleagues feel the same way," Woodall said.

He continued, "While the White House and Democrats continue to make excuses for their failed economic policies, House Republicans have passed a budget plan that drives down the national debt and reforms entitlements. We have yet to see any kind of plan of this caliber from our President. Time is of the essence. If we are to proceed with a productive discussion on how to fix our nation's financial state, we need a President who is willing to step up to the plate and address these issues head-on."

Congressman Woodall, who is a member of the House Budget Committee, worked closely with Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and his fellow colleagues on the committee in crafting the House-passed budget resolution known as "The Path to Prosperity."

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