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Gov. Perry Signs Legislation Benefitting Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Gov. Rick Perry signed Senate Bill (SB) 247, which authorizes the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to provide matching grants to assist in the implementation of the commission's goals and objectives. SB 247 also authorizes the Commission to participate in the establishment and operation of an affiliated nonprofit organization to raise funds and provide services or other benefits to the commission.

"I am pleased to sign this legislation, which will help provide the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission the resources it needs to remember victims of genocide and make our citizens aware of the circumstances that empower such egregious and tragic occurrences so they can be prevented in the future," said Gov. Perry. "This commission is important to preserving justice for those most vulnerable in our society, and I am proud of their efforts to promote values that respect human life and preserve individual freedom for all."

In addition to the Holocaust, there have been five major genocide events in the 20th century, including the Armenian, Cambodian, Rwandan, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, and Sudanese genocides. The commission works to preserve the lessons of survival and humanity imparted by survivors, liberators and others who witnessed these atrocities.

Last session, Gov. Perry signed legislation creating the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to help preserve information and record the experiences of the survivors of the Holocaust and other genocide events. The commission works with organizations, agencies, museums, survivors and liberators to provide information and experiences and to coordinate memorial events in the state.

Gov. Perry continues to advocate for the human rights of oppressed people around the world. The governor has signed legislation calling for divestment of state funds that have a direct relationship to the atrocities happening in Sudan. The governor has also called for divestment of state funds from Iran, a main opponent of Israeli freedom.

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