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Congressman Cantor Statement on May Unemployment Report


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Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) today issued the following statement on the national jobs report for May:

"Today's disappointing jobs report shows that our economy needs an injection of growth oriented policies to ensure that businesses can innovate, expand and begin hiring again. Under President Obama's watch, Washington has tied the hands of small business owners with regulations that have made it harder to grow, and has spent money that it doesn't have, leading to sustained unemployment over 8% and a national debt of more than $14 trillion. It is astounding that despite the warning signs and economic indicators, President Obama and Congressional Democrats still have failed to offer any concrete plan to create jobs, reduce our debt, or grow our economy. Instead, the President, Leader Reid and Leader Pelosi want to raise taxes on the very small business owners and entrepreneurs that we are relying on to create jobs, which House Republicans will not let happen.

"In contrast, House Republicans have offered a plan to grow the economy and create jobs. We want to empower small businesses and jobs creators by fundamentally reforming the tax code, instituting a sensible regulatory policy, and passing free trade agreements to increase competitiveness for American manufacturers to grow our economy and get people working again. We seek to modernize the patent system for entrepreneurs and expand American energy exploration and production to create new jobs. And we must get Washington's fiscal house in order by cutting spending and growing our economy so we can begin paying down our debt.

"Our country faces a choice of more government spending and higher taxes, or more growth and more jobs and more economic certainty. It's time to move away from the government stimulus spending spree and transition into growth-mode, creating an environment for America's businessmen and women to succeed and creating jobs for people who need them."

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