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Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. BLACK. I have been doing town hall meetings for the last 4 months, and up to this point I have had about 12. When Medicare comes up, people tell me, Don't touch my Medicare. Hands off my Medicare.

And you know what I tell them? There is a dirty little secret that the Democrats in Congress and the President don't want them to know, and that is their Medicare is already changed. Because last Congress, when this House passed ObamaCare, they robbed $500 billion from Medicare to pay for their government takeover of health care.

Not only that, but ObamaCare set up an Independent Payment Advisory Board, or an IPAB, and you know what those 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will do? They are going to ration your Medicare to cut the costs and limit seniors' access to Medicare.

You know what else happens under this plan in a decade? There is no Medicare because the program will become bankrupt.

Now, the truth about the Republican plan and the Path to Prosperity: Under our plan we save Medicare. We address the unsustainable growth rate of Medicare so the program doesn't go bankrupt in 10 years. The Democrats have no plan to stop Medicare's descent into bankruptcy, but the Republicans do. And unlike ObamaCare, where you have no choice, the Republicans give you a choice.

Now the dirty little secret is out there, and the real choice is in front of us. The choice is easy.

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