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WDAM - Tate Reeves campaigns in the Pine Belt

News Article

Location: Hattiesburg, MS

Some Republican candidates seeking re-election in 2011 are making their way through the Hub City to campaign. State Treasurer Tate Reeves said all 82 counties in the state have financially contributed to his campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Reeves feels, the most important thing he can do as a state lawmaker, is help bring better, higher paying jobs to the area, and in order to do that, Mississippi must maintain a fiscally conservative budget, so investors won't have a fear of tax increases.

"My philosophy is Government does not create jobs, Government simply creates the environment which encourages the private sector to invest capital and create jobs," said Reeves, "Within those job creation efforts we have to improve the education attainment level of our citizens."

According to Reeves, the state has made great progress over the last seven-and-a-half-years and those elected in 2011 need to continue the effort.

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