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Herger: Unemployment Report Shows Big Government is Not the Answer


Location: Washington DC

Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA) issued the following statement after the Department of Labor released the May jobs report:

"Today's disappointing jobs report again shows us that President Obama's policies are simply not working. As the Administration forced through big spending packages like the so-called stimulus and the new health care law, promises were made that it would create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Today, as our debt has skyrocketed, we are left asking, 'Where are they?' All we have to show for this government expansion is more debt and greater uncertainty for America's job creators. By every conceivable measure, the big spending, big government policies have failed.

"Instead of fostering an environment where small business owners can thrive and grow, President Obama's policies have made economic recovery more difficult. Today's unemployment report is a stark reminder of these failures. We have a national unemployment rate of 9.1% and countless more have given up looking for work. It's time to accept that big government spending is not the answer to our economic problems.

"The answers lie in American small businesses and free markets. Republicans in Congress are pursuing a fundamental reform of the U.S. tax code that will make America's economy more competitive with countries in Europe and Asia and that will simplify the tax rules so businesses can focus their energy on creating jobs instead of filling out thousands of pages of tax forms. We are continuing to call for enactment of long-pending trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia that would increase exports by $13 billion and create up to 250,000 jobs. We have offered a plan to cut federal spending by $6.2 trillion over the next decade so that our economy will not be crushed under the burden of a massive national debt. Sadly, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have continued to call for even more damaging tax hikes and job-killing regulations. I urge the President to take a long look at today's unemployment report and agree to work with House Republicans to cut spending, eliminate burdensome regulations, and start getting Americans back to work."

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