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Issue Position: Keeping Kentuckians Safe and Secure

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No one could protect Kentucky families from the uncertainty and instability of the recession. Worrying about their jobs, their homes, their children and their futures became routine for many across the Commonwealth. The mental, emotional and even physical hardship of the anxiety took its toll.

Governor Beshear sought to reduce their stress by giving them peace of mind in their homes and on the streets. Many states across the country slashed public safety funds and programs because of the tight budget situation. Beshear protected critical public safety programs and tightened public safety laws.

His initiatives to keep Kentucky families safe include:

Funded new classes of state troopers, including graduating one of the largest classes in state history, to put more cops on our roads and in our rural communities. In addition, he has provided much needed equipment for law enforcement communities across the state.

Signed legislation banning texting for all drivers and cell phone use for drivers under 18. Before the legislation passed, he signed an Executive Order which banned texting for state employees driving state cars.

Created new protections for victims of domestic violence with legislation that allows judges to order those who violate a domestic violence order to wear a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device, which would alert victims and police if alleged abusers get too close.

Launched Kentucky's web-based E-Warrants system, which increases access to warrants for all law enforcement officers, county attorneys and judges and reduces the time taken to serve a warrant or summons. E-Warrants makes Kentucky one of a handful of states to employ an extensive, comprehensive web-based system that puts us on the cutting-edge of law enforcement technology.

Announced Public Safety First, an initiative that unified several public safety technology programs under a single umbrella, which included better tracking of repeat and sex offenders.

Designated a cyber investigator to help track down missing probation and parole violators. Also signed a law making "cyberstalking" illegal and toughened regulations on sex offenders when they use electronic communication.

Joined with leaders from all three branches of government and the Pew Center on the States to launch the Pew Public Safety Performance Project. The project will develop strategies for improving public safety, lowering the number of repeat offenders, and controlling corrections spending.

Partnered with Indiana to expand the state's electronic pseudoephedrine monitoring system to deter individuals from crossing state lines to purchase the main ingredient in methamphetamine or meth.

Joined a nationwide effort to protect our seniors from financial victimization.

Announced a legislative package called "Safeguarding our Seniors" aimed at better protecting adults and seniors from abuse and exploitation.

Re-energized the Recovery Kentucky initiative, a joint effort by the Department for Local Government, Department of Corrections, and Kentucky Housing Corporation. This taskforce strives to create a supportive, stable environment in which Kentuckians can recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Last year the group achieved its initial goal of building two facilities in each of Kentucky's six congressional districts. The board is now focused on ensuring that the centers have what they need to maintain operations.

Launched Kentucky chapter of Partnership for a Drug Free America, tapping into national, media-based education campaign to reduce illicit drug use in the state.

Re-attached Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, now known as Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, to KSP in order to combine law enforcement resources, streamline efforts and reduce costs. The move decreased operating costs by almost 20 percent.

Seized the domain names of 141 illegal Internet gambling sites in an effort to stop illegal and unregulated online gaming. Kentucky is the first state to bring an action against Internet gambling operators that has resulted in the seizure of domain names.

Enacted stricter guidelines for child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts in order to better protect children who are involved in vehicle collisions.

Unveiled a new Crime Scene Response Vehicle to better aid law enforcement during on-site analysis, expediting crime scene investigations.

Signed a law strengthening the penalty for sexual contact between correctional staff and inmates from a misdemeanor to a felony offense.

Governor Beshear's tough stance on crime can be trusted to keep Kentucky families safe and secure.

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