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Garrett Denies Obama Request to Raise Debt Ceiling


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Vice Chairman of the House Budget Committee and Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) Budget and Spending Task Force, issued the following statement today after voting against legislation to implement President Obama's request for a statutory debt ceiling increase without spending cuts or budget enforcement tools:

"Today's vote demonstrates once and for all that House Republicans are listening to the American people and take serious the threat posed by our country's fiscal crisis. The American public does not want Congress to raise Washington's credit line without a guarantee that an enforceable plan will be implemented to get our fiscal house in order. We should only vote to raise the debt ceiling is if it is accompanied by significant spending cuts and budgetary reforms to ensure that we continue cutting. Until the White House and Senate Democrats prove they are willing to accept this reality and join House Republicans in offering honest solutions to the problem, we will continue to oppose any attempt to raise the debt ceiling.

"As Chairman of the RSC Budget and Spending Task Force, I have been working closely with RSC Chairman Jim Jordan to develop a plan to address the looming fiscal crisis. Our "Cut, Cap and Balance' approach is the common-sense solution we need to rein in our budget deficit and tame our national debt. In the short-term, it calls for immediate, substantial spending cuts to bring down our budget deficit. In the near-term, the proposal would cap spending at 18% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to ensure spending discipline going forward. Finally, over the long-term, our plan would help prevent future generations from ever having to face these difficult choices again by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment through Congress."

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