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National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LoBIONDO. Mr. Chairman, I rise in strong support of the underlying bill and in strong support of the en bloc amendment.

Specifically, I want to speak on the Rogers-LoBiondo amendment, No. 51, that helps repatriate the heroes that were killed in 1804 in the fight against piracy in Tripoli, Libya.

They were led by Commander Richard Somers with the Intrepid when he was attempting to fight the pirates at that point in time. They have unceremoniously been buried in mass graves without the formal military tradition that we have in foreign countries.

This amendment seeks to right a wrong that has been in place for more than 200 years. And Somers Point, New Jersey, a town in my district, is where Commander Richard Somers hailed from. So it's extremely important to all of the United States of America. The American Legion of the United States has endorsed this amendment, and I urge all the Members to strongly support it.


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