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Increasing Statutory Limit on the Public Debt

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I thank the gentleman from Michigan for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, we are here today, not talking about something as the other side would contend is a joke. This is a very serious issue, and I rise in opposition to an increase in the debt ceiling that would just give the President another couple of trillion dollars to keep spending the way he has been spending for the last 2 years.

I think Americans across the country recognize that this wild spending spree the President has been on the last 2 years has to come to an end, and it's going to start here on this House floor where we are going to finally invoke fiscal discipline. And, of course, over 100 Members of the other side have asked for a clean vote. They want another trillion to keep going along, maybe 2 trillion, to keep spending money that we don't have.


Mr. SCALISE. In fact, if you look at their plan, their plan not only will double the national debt in 5 years, which I guess they are okay with, but it also allows Medicare to go bankrupt. We are not going to sit by and let Medicare go bankrupt. We are not going to sit by and let them keep spending money that we don't have.

We are finally going to say enough is enough.


Mr. SCALISE. We are going to put spending controls in place. Frankly, it would be irresponsible to increase the debt ceiling without reforms that actually start cutting spending and putting our country back on a path to a balanced budget.

Now maybe some on the other side don't want to see us get to a balanced budget, which is why they've dramatically increased spending over the last 4 years up until when Speaker Pelosi was fired. But, frankly, the American people have said, enough is enough, stop the spending binge, enough of giving the President this uncontrolled use of the American credit card. Let's start reining in spending. Let's put those controls in place. Let's get our country back on a path of fiscal sanity so we don't have these groups like S&P saying that they will downgrade the bond rating of the United States of America. That's not something we can tolerate.

Mr. HOYER. Will the gentleman yield?

Mr. SCALISE. Maybe the gentleman on the other side might want to, and I'm sure during your time you'll have the opportunity to address that, but, frankly, what we've got to do is start installing fiscal discipline back in this House, and we're going to start doing it now. It means no more blank checks and no more unbridled spending. The President is going to have an opportunity to join us in that debate. But, frankly, it starts tonight, and we say we're not going to keep giving that credit card limit to the President without real reforms.



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