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Heck Votes Against Debt Limit Increase


Location: Unknown

Today, Congressman Heck voted against H.R. 1954, the Increase in the Debt Limit Required by the President's Budget. Mr. Heck made this statement following the vote:

"Raising the debt ceiling without significant spending cuts will only prolong the uncertainty preventing an economic recovery. The uncertainty plaguing Nevada's small businesses, our economic engine, is the reason we aren't seeing a strong recovery. Throughout Nevada our small business owners point to taxes as a root cause of this uncertainty -- and the staggering federal debt and deficit is causing the uncertainty about taxes. Small business owners see the writing on the wall, if Washington continues to spend money it doesn't have, taxes will increase to repay the money we borrow from China. Jobs will only return when we cut up the credit cards and fix the spending problem Washington, D.C. ignored for far too long."

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