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U.S. Rep. Johnson Responds to Congressional Remap


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Timothy V. Johnson issued the following statement today following release of the new congressional districts as drawn by Illinois' Democratic leadership.

"This map is a slap in the face to the notion of representative government," Rep. Johnson said. "The map unnecessarily and derisively divides communities for blatant partisan gain. It was drawn without consultation or heed to common sense and as a result I believe it is constitutionally indefensible."

The map draws all or parts of 33 counties in the southeastern part of the state into the 15th Congressional District that Rep. Johnson has represented since 2001. It further draws out most of Champaign-Urbana, Rep. Johnson's hometown, except for the Beringer Commons subdivision where his home is.

"There are people, counties, towns and interests that I have long-established relationships with that have senselessly been taken away," Rep. Johnson said. "I resent that but unfortunately have no control, nor do the people I have tried to faithfully represent all these years. As I have done throughout my career, I will embrace new areas with all my energies and will continue to do my best to represent their interests and serve their needs in the future."

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