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Rep. Johnson to Vote Against Debt Limit Hike


Location: Washington, DC

Tonight the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote raising the national debt limit for the fourth time under the Obama Administration. U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, along with the rest of the House Republicans, intends to oppose this legislation.

The debt has increased $2.979 trillion under President Obama, to $9.654 trillion.

"We have seen under President Obama and the Democratic leadership, the largest budget deficits in the history of our country," Rep. Johnson said. "Now they want to increase our borrowing again without even a nod to the notion of living within our means. The Republican majority in the House has identified approximately $1 trillion in cuts that are possible, practical and necessary to protect our solvency and to try and rebuild our way of life.

"Getting another credit card, or another blank check from American taxpayers, is exactly the wrong answer and will only bring us closer to default," Rep. Johnson said.

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