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We Don't Need "Drill Baby Drill"


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Flying under the radar in the news of the day is the Republican proposal hitting the House floor today to mandate new offshore drilling off the coasts of Atlantic states as well as California, Oregon, Alaska and Washington.
H.R. 1231, the "drill baby drill" bill, will not lower the price of gas at the pump and fails to recognize the lessons learned from the BP oil disaster last year. If anything, HR 1231 will simply pad oil companies profits and put more coastal communities and their economies at risk.

But Jay is going to offer an amendment today to help protect Washington state. His amendment would give the legislature, in conjunction with the Governor, the ability to "opt-in". In simple terms, if representatives in Washington state don't want new offshore drilling, they don't have to accept it.
Here is what Jay said about H.R. 1231 and his amendment today:

"Washington State shouldn't be forced to build drilling platforms off our coast which will do nothing but pad oil company profits. We need a long-term all of the above energy strategy that moves us away from dirty and limited fossil fuels. We have the ability to innovate our way to energy independence if we make the decision to invest in new clean energy technology like wind, solar, biofuels, and advanced geothermal."

"New drilling won't lower prices at the pump for Americans," explained Inslee. "Oil prices have spiked in recent months, in large part, because of rampant speculation and market manipulation. If we are going to lower energy prices for families today, we must drill speculators. In 2008 I asked President Bush to form a task force to address this problem, he declined. I am proud that President Obama has answered this call and recently asked Attorney General Holder to spearhead a task force to look into price gouging and manipulation of oil and gas prices."

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