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Easing the Burden on Small Businesses so They Can Continue Creating Jobs


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Dear Friend,

This week as we celebrate National Small Business Week, it's a good opportunity to pause and acknowledge the many valuable contributions that small businesses have made to our lives in Louisiana and across the country.

There are nearly 400,000 small businesses across the state, and nearly 55% of Louisianians who work in the private sector are employed by one of those small businesses. There's no question that small businesses play a crucial role in powering our economy, but they continue to face significant challenges due to government regulation and rising energy prices.

Here's how I'm fighting in Washington to address some of the critical issues facing small business owners and employees in Louisiana:

- In April, I was part of the effort in the U.S. Senate to successfully repeal the 1099 provision of Obamacare that would have placed a tremendously unfair paperwork burden on small businesses. Our small businesses would have been buried in regulation, cost and paperwork under this provision. I'm glad that we repealed it, but we can't just stop there -- now we've got to repeal the rest of Obamacare, and I've introduced a bill to do that.

- Earlier this year, I introduced 3-D: The Domestic Jobs, Domestic Energy, and Deficit Reduction Act of 2011 to open up access to our domestic energy resources. Many small businesses connected to our energy industry have been directly hurt by the virtual shutdown of drilling in the Gulf, and rising energy prices have placed a substantial burden on small businesses everywhere. My bill would get our offshore industry going again to bring down energy prices and put thousands of Louisianians back to work.

- I'm pushing for fundamental tax reform to ease the burden on everyone. In the ongoing budget debate in Washington, many liberals are pushing for tax increases that would have a devastating effect on small businesses. I support balancing the budget through spending cuts -- not tax increases -- and tax reform to lower the burden on all businesses.

Rest assured that as small businesses face these and other challenges in our current economic situation, I'm fighting in Washington to ease the burden and free them up to continue creating jobs for Louisianians. Thanks to all of Louisiana's small business owners and employees who work so hard to make our state such a great place to live.


David Vitter

U.S. Senator

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