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National Small Bussiness Week

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PAUL. Mr. President, I was a small businessman before I was elected to the Senate. I know well the struggles small businesses face because of government regulations and taxes. I also know that small businesses are a key driver of economic growth and employment. That is why I join the Senate and the President in recognizing the contributions of small businesses all over the country during National Small Business Week.

Unfortunately, this resolution goes a step beyond recognizing the hard- working entrepreneurs who are our small businessmen and businesswomen. The resolution also praises big government and using taxpayer dollars to subsidize small businesses. I do not believe small businesses need government assistance to exist. I do not believe we need an entire agency of the Federal Government to encourage entrepreneurs. Quite the opposite--I believe that with less government, businesses of all sizes will be created, existing businesses will grow, and the American spirit will thrive. That is why I voted against this resolution.


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