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Hoeffel Denounces New Overtime Regulations

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Hoeffel Denounces New Overtime Regulations

Questions Why Specter's So-Called Clout Hasn't Been Effective

PHILADELPHIA , PA - Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Hoeffel released the following statement regarding the new overtime regulations that go into effect today.

"Today the White House won another battle in its war on working families as changes in overtime regulations, aggressively pursued for years by big business and industry leaders such as Wal-Mart go into effect. These regulations put overtime at risk for six million American workers, more than 300,000 in Pennsylvania alone.

"The vast majority of people hurt by the changes are middle- and lower-income workers - some making as little as $23,660 a year. The new regulations also make it much easier for employers to reclassify workers into overtime-exempt positions. Many of these people rely on their overtime pay to make ends meet.

"With more than one million jobs lost and millions more Americans unable to afford health insurance, President Bush's economic plan has been bad enough for middle class families. The White House and the Republican leadership in Congress should be working to make it easier for Americans to take care of their families, buy new homes, and send their children to college - not making it more difficult to do so.

"These new overtime rules are harmful and unfair to workers, especially when combined with the results of President Bush's failed economic policies. Congress can and should overturn these changes. Where is Senator Specter's alleged clout, when he can't even get his own party's leadership in Congress and the White House to do the right thing for Pennsylvania 's working families. It may not be a priority for him, but I call on the GOP leadership to join in a bipartisan effort to stand up for American workers and overturn these misguided changes."

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