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Hoeffel Statement on Three-Year Anniversary of Stem-Cell Ban

Location: Philadelphia, PA


PHILADELPHIA , PA - Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Hoeffel today issued the following statement regarding the three-year anniversary of President Bush's stem-cell ban:

"On today's three-year anniversary of President Bush's ban on federal funding of research on any new embryonic stem-cell lines, I'm asking the same question John Kerry asked during the Democratic National Convention: 'What if we have a president who believes in science, so we can unleash the wonders of discovery like stem-cell research to treat illness and save millions of lives?' And the answer is simple: When John Kerry is elected November 2, Americans won't have to wonder because we will have that President.

"Then Americans won't have to pay the hefty price that the Bush-Cheney administration has forced us all to pay by putting ideology in front of innovation and politics ahead of progress. In the Senate, I look forward working with the Kerry-Edwards administration to overturn the ban on federal funding of research on new stem-cell lines and to put American researchers one step closer to finding treatments for currently incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's."

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