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Hoeffel Reiterates Call for Troop Redeployment Against Al-Qaeda Following New Terror Warnings from Ridge

Location: Pittsburgh, PA


PITTSBURGH, PA - Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Hoeffel called again today for the Bush Administration to redeploy American troops against the real threat to American security - Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Hoeffel made his statement following new warnings this weekend from Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge regarding imminent attacks on specific targets in New York , New Jersey and Washington , D.C. , as well as news that a woman of Pakistani origin was detained at the Mexican border with a suspicious passport, $7,000 in cash and an airplane ticket to New York . In remarks he made today at the 118th Annual Conference of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Hoeffel said:

"It's becoming more clear every day that the United States and its citizens face a security threat that is every bit as great as it was immediately after 9/11. If these new threats are true - and we have no reason to doubt their accuracy - our government needs to act now. We need to refocus our attention and redeploy our forces against the real threat to America here at home - Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

"Right now in Iraq and Kuwait , we have 170,000 troops - ten times the number of troops currently deployed in Afghanistan - bogged down in the role of domestic police, border patrol, corrections officers and peacekeepers, while the threat of terrorism continues to grow in Afghanistan and Pakistan . It is time for the U.S. to redeploy our forces and do the job that should've been done in the first place: capture bin Laden and destroy al-Qaeda."

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