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Republicans Play Political Games with the Debt they Created


Location: Walnut Creek, CA

America is quickly reaching the debt limit determined by Congress that the Treasury Department can borrow from creditors to fund our government. We are facing this issue because of nearly a decade of reckless, irresponsible policies set forth by Republican leaders.

Under President Clinton's leadership, we balanced our books, created a budget surplus, and created more than 20 million jobs. We need to stand up and fight for a balanced approach to tackling our debt and deficit by both cutting spending and increasing revenue. The Republican strategy is like saying you want to lose weight but only decide to diet and refuse to work out. It requires an all hands on deck, combination approach to achieve success.

I will consider any serious proposal to get our fiscal house in order. Democrats will judge every measure by whether they create jobs, responsibly reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class, and grow our economy.

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