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Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


* Mr. DREIER. Mr. Chair, earlier today, the gentleman from New York, Mr. Nadler, expressed his frustration that the Committee on Rules excluded his two amendments from consideration on the House floor. In order to clarify the record, I submit a May 11, 2011, letter from Mr. Nadler stating that he wished to withdraw the two amendments that he referenced on the House floor. While one of Mr. Nadler's amendments was not germane to the bill it was my intention, prior to Mr. Nadler withdrawing his amendments from consideration, to recommend to the Committee on Rules that it make Mr. Nadler's germane amendment, No. 13, in order for consideration on the House floor.

* After Mr. Nadler withdrew his amendments, Mr. Grimm (R-NY) and Mr. Reed (R-NY) offered identical text to the amendment No. 13 previously submitted by Mr. Nadler. I would also like to submit for the Record a statement by Mr. Grimm expressing his support for the original Nadler amendment and his request to have this very timely and appropriate debate occur on the House floor.

* I would like to thank our newest member of the Rules Committee, Mr. Reed of New York, for his work in championing this amendment and expressing the very heartfelt views of so many of all of our constituents across the country. It was for these reasons that the Rules Committee made in order the Grimm-Reed amendment.


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