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Deficit Solutions Must Strengthen Americans


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Dear Fellow Arizonans,

Since Congress went into session this year, I have been working hard in Washington, advocating for my constituents' needs as Congress focuses on jobs, the economy and education while we evaluate responsible ways to cut spending.

I remain committed to help put Americans back to work and address local priorities.

That is why I am supportive of responsible efforts to reduce our country's budget deficit that would not hurt constituents, but rather would be a statement about our national values. As we work to resolve the deficit, we must continue to strengthen the middle class, create jobs, grow our economy, invest in our children and pro-vide for our seniors and veterans.

With these goals in mind, I cannot support the cur-rent House leadership's effort to abolish Medicare as we know it. We cannot take Medicare away from our seniors who have worked hard and depend on Medicare to protect them during their retirement years. A dra-matic reduction in Medicare benefits would force sen-iors to buy their insurance from large, private health insurance corporations resulting in seniors paying twice as much in premiums while receiving only half the cur-rent benefits they receive under Medicare.

All this would happen while the House leadership would continue to give massive tax breaks and subsi-dies to both domestic- and foreign-owned oil companies and other companies that continue to ship American jobs overseas, make tax cuts for the wealthiest perma-nent, add $1 trillion to the deficit, and cut education for children while raising college costs for nearly 10 mil-lion students, according to the Democratic leadership.

Meanwhile, I support an alternative budget which cuts the deficit by $4 trillion, balances the budget by fiscal year 2018, and invests in our future by continuing to fund needed infrastructure projects, education and job-creating programs, alternative energy exploration, and health care research. It also preserves American jobs by highlighting the "Make It In America" agenda,
ends tax breaks for multi-billion dollar oil companies, reduces the deficit responsibly, and strengthens middle-income workers and the economy.


Member of Congress

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