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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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We need to transform education in this country

The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, IA - April 25, 2011:

"I want to elevate [education] to number one again, to put attention on it and get public discussion. I think we need to make school more interesting and fun to get kids excited."

Speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Manchester, NH - March 31, 2011:

"I am determined to help our school system. We invented Public Education and now we are 21st in Math and 25th in Science. We are losing to the rest of the world. We are having to hire people from other countries for our tech jobs. We need to compete and we need to keep kids in school."

WHO Newsradio, "The Jan Mickelson Show" - Des Moines, IA - June 7, 2010:

"The Public Charter School phenomenon is a huge boost to education."

"I think that kids are confined in a classroom and bored. I think we need to get them out; the buses take kids to school, park and take them home so let's utilize those buses and drivers and get out in the community and see what's out in the world and make school more interesting and fun so kids want to learn."

"I see the national teachers' unions as one of the huge problems (in education). Teacher unions concentrate on job preservation, and it's slowing down progress."

Meeting with US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at the America's Promise "Building a Grad Nation Summit," Washington, DC - March 21, 2011:

"We should further explore public-private partnerships in our urban high schools, where businesses, labor unions and high net worth individuals blend the school in with the private sector. The goal would be to vastly improve education and lessen the dropout rate."

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