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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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Both America's national security and our economic stability critically depend on energy. The people of the United States need access reliable energy resources. We cannot maintain access to affordable, dependable, or efficient energy reserves by relying on foreign producers. The United States requires a responsible national energy policy that will guarantee energy independence for our citizens.

America needs an Energy Policy that is both Constitutional and focused on solving our near term energy resource problems, while promoting long term solutions at both the governmental and private enterprise levels. I support including in our nation's energy systems not only petroleum and other fossil fuels, but also alternative and renewable sources of energy.

There are a great many viable technologies out there, many still in the development stages and many years from being cost-effective and reliable sources of energy. We similarly have a number of systems that are well developed, but in need of scaling up to support the nation as a whole.

Starting at the state and local government levels, we need to not only implement steps to bring new technologies online, but simultaneously, we must upgrade the infrastructure that will aid our nation to become energy independent during the coming years as our nation's scientific community and industries develop the important technologies needed to power our coming oil-free future.

Transportation Benefits

From a transportation standpoint, new energy processes can serve as a starting point for arenas such as high-speed rail projects between major metropolitan regions. For example, travelling from San Diego to Sacramento in the State of California costs a person approximately $160, and takes a little over 3 hours. This is for a plane carrying 100 persons. By high-speed rail, a train would be able to travel the same route in 3 ½ hours, while costing the 1000 passengers only $68.00. This cost benefit is increased by the reduction in CO2 emissions, new job creation and the ability of alternate fuel sources being at the forefront of the technology.

Likewise, the use of innovative bio-fuel stocks, such as Camelina, will serve to reduce American dependency on expensively produced jet fuels needed for long-range flights.

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