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Issue Position: Economy

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Economy and Employment

The American economy is an intricate web of money, people and power. And just like our Constitution, is subject to checks and balances. Unfortunately, the system is currently tilted towards those with the money buying the power.

This lost check and balance has eroded the American potential on the world market, as well as here at home.

Balancing the Federal Budget

Congress doesn't like the idea of a balanced budget, because it robs them of "blank checks". In that case, the American people have all the more reason to DEMAND a balanced budget. We intend to balance budgets on the back of the political system, whether they like it or not. This administration will NEVER send a budget to Congress for consideration that isn't balanced, nor will we ever accept one back from Congress that isn't balanced. At the same time, if Congress wants to try bypassing a balanced budget, they are going to need the votes - and remember those votes come from Representatives who have to get re-elected every two years.

Putting America back to work

We need to get Americans back to work, and one of the most effective ways to accomplish this to reform our complex tax structure. Across the board tax reform, not adjusting some set of tax rules, will provide more income for the average American to take home, but also allow for businesses to expand - greating new opportunities.

At the same time, we need to review our foreign agreements that are moving jobs away from America's shores, and onto far-off regions.

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