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Issue Position: Homeland Security

Issue Position

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We need to ensure the security of the United States and prevent Terrorist threats from succeeding. Our energy infrastructure, air and sea ports, and borders are not secure and the local and state authorities are not getting the funding they need or were promised.

The Federal Government is breaking state and local budgets with inaction, and putting Americans in danger. Our government needs to work to keep America secure, but we need to always be aware of the individual rights of our citizens.

Protecting our Borders

In 2007, Congress approved the construction of a border fence along the Southern United States, a project demanded by the American public. The fact that has never been completed is a testament to the "intellect" that is our Congress. Jon Greenspon sees that fulfiling a request of the American people is more important than the special interest groups telling Congress what to do. The wall will be completed, as a high priority task - with American materials and jobs.


Immigration is a cornerstone to the American way of life. With little exception, all Americans are descended from immigrants. Although the Federal Government has a responsibility to enforce immigration laws, it would be essentially impractical to find and deport every illegal immigrant in the US. Rather, we need common-sense rules to provide for incentives to legal immigration, and for the honest return of illegal immigrants to their countries.

With regards to illegal entry and immigration to our country, we need to stem this practice, and that is a primary responsibility of the Federal Government. We need to focus efforts here in three areas:

* We need to stop using the local law enforcement as immigration officers. At the very least, we are overtaxing police and sheriff's offices with the fulfilling of duties they are not obligated to perform, nor are they compensated for the time in which they are spending on duties outside their jurisdiction.
* Amnesty is not a viable option. The sole purpose of amnesty is to provide an instant "upswing" in citizenship, while at the same time overburdening over-taxed state budgets, all without a ready form of relief. Entering our country to have children should not grant automatic citizenship either.
* We need to stop looking at immigrants as an automatic crime spree or terrorist cell, waiting to happen. A large amount of these people who are entering illegally simply want to do a day's work, and be treated like individuals.

At the same time, American needs to effectively manage its resources and the benefits to people who want citizenship. Becoming a citizen of the United States is a worthwhile endeavor and should guarantee some truly satisfaction to the immigrant. We need to provide powerful opportunities for citizenship.

* A repeal of all of the current costs for the processing of applications and supplemental paperwork for citizenship. We also need to restrict the "fees" that are charged by "immigration attorneys and services."
* Provide a "fast-track" option to immigrants showing the desire to become citizens, particularly in areas where they are presently being devalued. We have people that are highly-skilled, and cannot get work in their trained fields while in the US, because we haven't recognized their training, or it's "below standards."
* While we need to ensure that employers remain within the law, we need to also provide the employers with "real-time" assistance and incentives to remain compliant.

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