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Progress on Gas Prices and Free Trade


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Because of bad policies instituted by President Obama, Americans are still paying an arm and a leg at the pump - and we shouldn't be. In order to stop this Washington-induced shortage of energy supplies, your U.S. House has passed three bills in two weeks that would increase energy production in the U.S. These will lift the President's permatorium on drilling on our shores and accessing American resources - instead of begging OPEC or subsidizing Brazil. I had an editorial in papers at home (available on my website) about America's energy challenges, as well as one in The Washington Times. When you have a few minutes, I invite you to read one or both.

Another important note of progress this week was that the Agriculture Committee - of which I am a member - held a hearing on three pending free trade agreements. These agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama present considerable opportunities for the Kansas agriculture industry. Specifically, these agreements will add more than $2.5 billion to U.S. agriculture exports and more than $130 million annually to Kansas exports. Multiple sectors of the Kansas agriculture industry are expected to benefit from these trade agreements as a result of lifted and phased-out tariffs on beef, feed grains, wheat, soybeans and products, and pork.

Next week I will be back in the District for a series of constituent events and town hall meetings. It is hard to believe that the 50th town hall of the year will take place next Friday! If you are in Sheridan, Rooks, or Graham County, it would be a pleasure to see you at one of my town hall meetings. For the details, please visit the events page of my website.

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