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Rokita Supports Legislation to Create Jobs, Lower Gas Prices


Location: Washington, DC

Today and tomorrow the U.S. House of Representatives considers two pieces of legislation to create thousands of jobs and lower gas prices. Representative Todd Rokita (IN-4) today released the following statement announcing his support for H.R. 1229, the "Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act" and H.R. 1231, the "Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act.":

"Job creation is priority one. I look forward to voting for both of these commonsense bills which will create thousands of American jobs and reduce the skyrocketing gas prices that are preventing small businesses across Indiana and the nation from hiring new employees.

Increasing American energy production is the most critical step Congress can take to reduce gasoline prices now and in the future while creating thousands of new jobs. These pieces of legislation will help restart responsible off-shore drilling by putting a stop to the Obama administration's stonewalling of the permitting process and open new areas off-shore to oil and natural gas production.

With gas prices having doubled in the last two years and millions of Americans out of work, it is hard to believe there are still many in Washington vehemently opposed to our efforts to increase the production of American energy. Despite their opposition, I will support every effort to put America on a path to energy independence and ensure access to the abundant, affordable energy necessary to create jobs."

H.R. 1229, passed today by a vote of 263-163, will end the Obama administration's de facto moratorium on off-shore drilling. H.R. 1231 will end the President's ban on new off-shore drilling and compel the Obama administration to allow energy production in areas rich with oil and natural gas. These bills will help create thousands of new jobs and reduce gasoline prices.

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