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Rokita: Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Protestors at Statehouse Example of Need for Entitlement Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Representative Todd Rokita (IN-4) released the following statement today regarding the illegal immigrants arrested for criminal trespass Monday at the Statehouse:

The arrest of illegal immigrants this week at the Statehouse protesting legislation signed by Governor Daniels to punish employers for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and to deny illegal immigrants in-state tuition at Indiana's college and universities is deeply concerning, but not just because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureaucrats are turning a blind eye to these lawbreakers.

One of the illegal immigrants arrested told reporters that the protest was "absolutely" worth the arrest because the legislation Governor Daniels signed this week will make it harder for them to find jobs and attend college.

"If a $14.3 trillion dollar national debt isn't a big enough wake-up call that we need to make dramatic spending cuts, reform entitlement programs and put an end to our entitlement culture, the fact that now even illegal immigrants feel entitled to jobs and public services certainly is.

Being able to immigrate to this great country is a blessing that we take for granted a lot of times, but everyone must do it legally and seek to contribute to our society. I find it disgraceful that at a time Hoosiers are struggling to find jobs and there aren't enough spots available in colleges and universities for worthy citizens, illegal immigrants who are lucky to be here in the first place--and shouldn't be-- feel so entitled to a job or a government service that they are protesting and breaking our laws."

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