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Myrick and Watt Agree that Terror Threat is Not Over


Location: Washington, DC

Democrat Mel Watt and Republican Sue Myrick might sit on different sides of the political aisle but on Friday they agreed that the threat of terrorism did not end with the death of Osama bin Laden. When Navy SEALs left bin Laden's compound after killing the world's most wanted man, they took with them a trove of documents, DVDs and computers. Some of the information included details of an al-Qaeda plot to try and derail a U.S. passenger train on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. "The prospect of preventing future terrorism as a result of information that we gained during that process is, I think, something that is very important to us," said Watt. Myrick expressed relief that bin Laden has been killed but said the prospect that al-Qaeda would try future attacks and possible operatives are already in the U.S. had to be taken seriously. "Security is always pretty much at a heightened level and now everybody is just a little more heightened right now not knowing what may happen in retaliation," Myrick said. "Unfortunately he was the titular head of an organization but the organization has a lot of arms in a lot of countries." Watt said the information from bin Laden's compound about future attacks should serve as a wake-up call that we all need to pay attention where ever we are. "Not only on the rails but in airports and in any public spaces," he said.

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