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Dear Friend,

Over the last two weeks I held seven town halls across the 8th district of Georgia. From Covington to Macon to Ashburn, hundreds of Georgians came out to let me know what was important to them, what questions they wanted answered and what messages they wanted me to take back to Washington.

During our discussions, I heard many concerns repeatedly. Georgians are worried about job creation, gas prices and government spending. These issues affect not only our pocketbooks, but the opportunities of our children and grandchildren. Many individuals shared personal stories highlighting just how important it is that we create conditions for economic growth, work towards solutions for our energy needs and reduce the national debt.

The feedback that I received over the last two weeks has strengthened my resolve to continue to work for what means the most to the people of central Georgia. Over the next several months, my Republican colleagues in the House and I plan to pass legislation to encourage more domestic energy production, defund many of the job-killing provisions of the Democrats' healthcare bill, and put structural mechanisms in place to halt runaway spending. Since coming to Congress, I've worked to protect the personal liberties, individual freedoms, and economic opportunities of the next generation. I will continue to advance those priorities as your representative.

I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with so many great Georgians. I thank each of the communities that we visited for your hospitality and willingness to take time out of your days to come out and talk with me. I look forward to many more occasions to talk with you in the future.

I also want to continue to hear your thoughts on the issues that mean the most to you. Please feel free to e-mail me at Also, please encourage your friends and family to sign-up for my e-mail updates at

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