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Carter Commends Fort Hood Soliders Key Role in U.S. Victory

Location: Washington, DC

The major victory of finally killing Al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden was paid for in large part by the soldiers and families of Fort Hood, Texas, according to House Army Caucus Chairman John Carter.

"As we celebrate this milestone in restoring the peace we knew before September 11, 2001, we need to remember the incredible sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform and their families, especially the families of those who gave their all in this fight," says Carter. "While these sacrifices were made in every corner of America, we feel it especially here at Fort Hood. More soldiers have fought, and more have died in the War on Terror from Fort Hood than any other military installation. And unfortunately we have even experienced some of those deaths here at Fort Hood itself. While the nation can and should rejoice in this win against global terrorism, let us never forget the cost of this victory in human terms from those who serve us, and their loved ones, in our home communities."

Carter also pointed out that it was Fort Hood soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division that captured Saddam Hussein, bringing the reign of criminal government in Iraq to an end.

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