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Radio Address - Fraud Prevention Initiative

Location: Unknown

Radio Address - July 15, 2004

Gov. Rick Perry

Topic: Fraud Prevention Initiative

Date: 7/15/2004

My fellow Texans…

I believe government should do a few things, and do them well. Tax dollars should be invested where they can make the most difference, and citizens must be confident that the authority and resources entrusted to government are used wisely, fairly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, there are those who seek to enrich themselves by cheating the system, employers and taxpayers. Those who engage in fraudulent scams to milk the system force all Texans to pay more for goods and services...for health care and homeowner's insurance...and critical services meant for those with the greatest need.

That is why I have signed a sweeping executive order that directs every state agency to take three important steps to prevent, detect and eliminate fraud in state government.

First, every state agency will devise and implement its own comprehensive fraud prevention program and report its actions to my office by October 1st of this year.

Second, each agency will designate a point person to implement its fraud prevention and elimination activities...because we must not allow responsibility to be lost in bureaucracy.

Finally, every agency will review its existing policies and organizational structure to identify changes needed to better detect and fight fraud, and make recommendations for legislative action where necessary.
By signing this executive order I am sending a clear message to those defrauding the state, its businesses or its taxpayers: we're coming after you.

By being more vigilant in eliminating fraud, government will have more money for the critical services it provides to Texans in need without creating a greater burden on Texas families.

These measures will help ensure that dollars paid by taxpayers and employers are used efficiently and responsibly, and will give the people of Texas greater trust in their government.

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