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Obama Introduces Budget, Sets up Contrast to Rep. Ryan's Plan

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On Wednesday, April 13, President Obama set out his vision on how we can balance our budget and bring the nation's debt under control, calling for a shared sacrifice for all Americans. His proposal sets up sharp differences with Budget Chairman Ryan's plan, which passed the House on April 15 and would enact new upper-income tax cuts, and convert Medicare into a voucher program.

Rep. Schiff did not support Ryan's measure, which is unlikely to pass in the Senate. Schiff supports a budget that will continue to make critical investments in education and meeting our obligations to the nation's seniors, while responsibly balancing our books and paying off our debts.

Tackling our deficits and debt is not a problem that can be fixed in a partisan way, and Rep. Schiff believes it is unacceptable to pass on this kind of debt to our kids and grand kids. Rep. Schiff will keep that in mind as Congress begins the hard work of finding common ground to save our nation from a future mortgaged to its past.

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