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Ranking Member Grassley Reacts to President Obama's Immigration Speech


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Chuck Grassley released the following statement regarding President Obama's speech in El Paso, TX on immigration. Grassley is ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over federal immigration policy.

"Throughout the history of our country, people from around the world have come to the United States seeking a better life. Immigrants are an important part of our culture and our economy.

"Simply put, though,sensible immigration reform can't include a pathway to citizenship for people who broke the law coming to this country. If we stop enforcing one law, or if wereward certain lawbreakers, where does it end? Documents from this administration show that there is a great desire to legalize large numbers of illegal aliens. But, backdoor amnesty plans are a non-starter. I've voted for amnesty in the past. It doesn't work.

"To top it off, the President claims the border is secure by touting the success of the previous administration's achievement to double the Border Patrol, but the current administration can't hide the fact that they fail to adequately enforce the laws on the books. An independent study from the Government Accountability Office says the border is anything but secure. And, I think the families of Customs and Border Patrol Special Agent Brian Terry or the Arizona ranchers being shot and even killed trying to make a living along the border would beg to differ that the border is secure.

"There are many areas where we can find common ground, but we need more than a campaign-like speech from the President if we're going to seriously achieve reform in this area. We need leadership. If the Presidentconsiders immigration reform a priority, I will look forward to seeing aproposal that benefits future generations, not a short-sighted approach based on politics."

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