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Letter to President Obama Regarding FEMA

Dear President Obama:

We are writing in support of Texas Governor Rick Perry's April 16th request that you declare a major disaster in the State of Texas as a result of major wildland fires. Your prompt attention to the Governor's request is needed.

Due to low precipitation, higher than normal temperatures, and weather events that have brought high sustained wind gusts, extreme fire danger exists throughout the state and threatens the lives and property of Texans. Several large fires have already burned more than one million acres and destroyed several hundred homes. The State of Texas and local governments are already shouldering the financial burden of responding to these fires, but according to Governor Perry state and local resources will soon run out and federal assistance will be needed to deal with the continued threat posed by wildfires.

Therefore, we urge you to quickly approve Governor Perry's request and ensure that the State of Texas and local communities have the resources they need to protect the lives and property of Texans from wildfires. We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.


Senator Hutchinson
Senator Cornyn
Rep. Canseco
Rep. Conaway
Rep. Neugaebauer
Rep. Thornberry
Rep. McCaul
Rep. Olson
Rep. Hensarling
Rep. Granger
Rep. Carter
Rep. Gohmert
Rep. Culberson
Rep. Burgess
Rep. Sessions
Rep. Reyes
Rep. Farenthold
Rep. Gonzalez
Rep. Flores
Rep. Smith
Rep. Brady
Rep. Sam Johnson

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