Repealing Mandatory Funding for the State Health Insurance Exchanges

By:  Marsha Blackburn
Date: May 3, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Chairman, I rise in support of the bill because this is the right step at the right time. If you're listening to the American people, one of the things they have said loud and clear is that they do not want the ObamaCare bill on the books. They want this repealed.

When my colleagues ask ``how many times do we have to revisit this issue?'' we are going to keep revisiting this issue until we get every single piece of this bill off the books, because it is too expensive to afford. A great example of this is exactly what we're dealing with, which is the little slice of it that gives as much as may be needed, as much as may be consumed, as much as the HHS Secretary says they will need for this unlimited slush fund to give money to the States for these grants.

Now, I will remind my colleagues from across the aisle that our former Democrat Governor has called this program the ``mother of all unfunded mandates.'' Mr. Chairman, there is a reason he called this program such. It is because he knows that putting this burden onto the States is far too expensive for the States to afford. It doesn't make it right to set up a slush fund, which will have no congressional oversight. The HHS Secretary can spend as much as she thinks is necessary, and she does not have to come back to us in Congress for this.

We do not need legislation with this nebulous language, and we do not need to give that authority of spending taxpayer money on this to the HHS Secretary. It is important that we distinguish: Are we for reforming health care? There are portions of health care that need to be reformed; but what happened in ObamaCare? PPACA is not health care reform. It is a movement away from patient-centered health care to government control. It is time for us to get back on the right track

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