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Statement on Death of Osama bin Laden


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Representative Diane Black (R-TN), released the following statement on the news that Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Armed Forces:

"Nearly ten years after the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11, Americans can take solace in the fact that Osama bin Laden, the man behind that terrible day was finally brought to justice. I commend our intelligence and military officials for their tireless devotion to keeping our country secure. Those men and women who risk their lives every day deserve our deepest thanks for their continued bravery and sacrifice to defend our way of life.

"While this is a victory for all Americans, we must remember the War on Terror is far from won. The United States remains under continued threat from al Qaeda and those radical groups who seek to destroy the very freedoms that make this country great. We must not waiver in our resolve to defend our country and fight the war on terror to ultimate victory.

"Please join me in prayer for the families of those killed on 9/11 and in the War on Terror; I hope that this news can bring them some comfort. We should express our thanks to President Bush, President Obama, and the millions of Americans who have waged this war for ten years."

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