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Where are the Jobs?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. LEE. Mr. Speaker, the American people want to know, Where are the jobs?

After 17 weeks of controlling the House, Republicans have no plan to create jobs and no plan to spur economic growth. Instead, they proposed a budget that puts our country on a road to ruin. They want to end Medicare, gut Medicaid, strip funding for Pell Grants and elementary and secondary education for our students, while hobbling our Nation's transportation infrastructure.

Yet again this week, Republicans are offering slogans instead of solutions: ``Drill Baby Drill,'' ``Kill the Bill.'' These slogans don't amount to a plan to create jobs or guarantee access to health care in America.

Instead of another very cynical attempt to repeal health reform and perpetrate their war on women, and instead of offering oil companies free reign off our coasts, we should be working together to help the unemployed and to create jobs. We must not forget the 99ers and we must help them, people who have moved out of their unemployment benefits. They've actually maxed out. And we must invest in our country to stimulate job creation.

Democrats have a plan while Republicans can only offer rhetoric.

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