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The Brady Brief - The Wrong Choices for America


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Dear Friend,
This week, the House leadership released their budget for the
upcoming fiscal year. Tough choices must be made, and Congress
must address our growing deficit. However, we in Congress have a
responsibility to provide essential services to society, and this
budget tries to cut the deficit on the backs of average Americans.

I am strongly opposed to the plan set forth by this budget because
it abandons those in our nation who most need our help. This
budget eliminates seniors' guaranteed benefits under Medicare,
but protects subsidies for big oil companies. It dramatically
weakens support for children with disabilities, but protects
corporate tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Here are just
some of the other harmful proposals included in this budget -

Preserves subsidies to oil companies and giveaways to
special interests.

Protects tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

Makes the Bush tax cuts permanent for the wealthy.

Cuts our kids' education.

Slashes support for seniors in nursing homes and health
care for children and Americans with disabilities on Medicaid.

I am ready to work with my colleagues on a budget, but not at the
expense of working families, seniors, children, and the middle
class. I am hopeful that we can come to a compromise soon, and I
will continue to fight to ensure that the First District is not harmed
by reckless spending cuts.


Robert Brady
Member of Congress

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