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Renacci Votes to Appeal Obamacare Slush Funds

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Jim Renacci (OH-16) again voted for legislation that would repeal sections of the Obama-Pelosi health care bill that was forced through Congress in 2010. As a candidate, Jim Renacci committed to voters that he would fight to repeal the job crushing health care bill that has stifled economic recovery and has caused health care costs to skyrocket. Although Congressman Renacci previously helped House Republicans in passing a full repeal of the ObamaCare law earlier this year, that legislation died in the Democrat-controlled Senate--and House Republicans have consequently sought to advance a piecemeal approach towards full repeal this deeply unpopular and destructive legislation.

Among the provisions repealed in the House was language that authorized unlimited appropriations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to assist states in establishing state-based health insurance exchanges. A repeal of this component of the law would reduce direct spending by $14.6 billion over 10 years and reduce the deficit by almost $13 billion over the next four years. Today's votes repeal just one more part of the $105 billion slush fund in mandatory spending allocated under Obamacare.

"At a time when our nation is drowning in debt--when jobs remain scarce and American families are struggling with rising gas prices, it is imperative that Washington remain focused on strengthening our economy by restoring certainty and predictability to the marketplace and by undoing the damage caused by the reckless, job-killing policies that defined 2009 and 2010. The Obama-Pelosi health care legislation that was forced down America's throat last year has not only driven health care costs through the roof, but has also halted job growth by saddling small businesses with costly new regulations and billions in new taxes. While I am proud to continue the fight for repeal on behalf of the Ohioans I represent, I implore my colleagues across the aisle, as well as the President, to put the will of the American people ahead of partisanship and support a repeal of this misguided, job-crushing legislation."

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