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No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. MALONEY. I thank the gentlelady for yielding and for her leadership not only on this but so many important issues.

I want to make it very clear, in response to the gentleman's statement, there are no taxpayer-funded abortions now. There weren't any yesterday, and there won't be any in the future. H.R. 3 goes far beyond current law. It is stunning in its scope, appalling in its indifference, and outrageous in its arrogance.

The right to choose is absolutely meaningless without access to choice, and H.R. 3 creates obstacles for women to access safe, legal, and constitutionally protected health care. This makes access to abortion coverage incredibly difficult, and I would say that the bill is not only an attack on women's rights, but it is also an attack on the rights of the private insurance companies and small businesses.

It tells private insurance companies how to run their businesses, raises compliance costs for small business, and even tells the local government how they may spend their money. The bill manages to offend nearly every high-sounding principle the other side says they stand for.

So if you truly believe in the freedom of the individual and the wisdom of free market, vote ``no'' on this absolutely appalling piece of work. It is anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-respect, and anti-business. It is a totally flawed bill, goes far further than any existing law, and it is the deepest and strongest attack on a woman's right to choose that has come before this body in my lifetime.

And the Republican majority says its priority is jobs and job creation, but their actions speak louder than words. They want to come into the bedroom. They want to come between a woman and her doctor. It is an appalling bill. Please vote ``no.''


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