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Kind Wants to Get to Work on 9/11 Panel Proposals

Location: Washington, DC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Stephanie Lundberg
August 5, 2004 Phone: 202-225-5506

Kind Wants to Get to Work on 9/11 Panel Proposals
Applauds Commission on its Work; Must Move Forward on Intelligence Reforms

Eau Claire/La Crosse, WI - U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) issued the following statement today on the key
recommendations of the Sept. 11 Commission Report. Several Members of Congress, including Rep. Kind,
are planning to return to Washington, DC at some point during the month of August to take up intelligence

"The commission has done extraordinary work to identify institutional problems with our intelligence
gathering and to make sound recommendations for how to strengthen our ability to prevent terrorist
attacks. Now that we have those recommendations, we should not waste any time in moving forward in a
bipartisan fashion to secure the safety of our citizens.

"Because time is of the essence, I made the case to Congressional leadership for Congress to return to work
during the August district work period to move forward with intelligence reform. Over the next few weeks,
Congress will hold a series of committee hearings so that we are prepared to consider reform measures
when we convene again September."

"What the Commission's Report emphasized, and what Congress and the White House needs to address, is
how a failure to recognize the national security threat posed by Al Qaeda, as well as a failure in the
capabilities and willingness to share information within the intelligence community, led to our vulnerability. I believe we need to be more creative and imaginative in regard to our vulnerabilities, and we need to concentrate our intelligence information so can better anticipate attacks before they occur.

"In this regard, the Commission recommends three specific courses of action: the creation of a National
Counterterrorism Center to concentrate intelligence information in one entity; a National Intelligence
Director to run the Center; and a greater level of Congressional oversight. Furthermore, is we are to
concentrate our efforts on defeating international terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, we need to work
more with the international community to address the hostility in the Arab and Muslim world.

"As we go forward, we cannot afford any partisanship in how we discuss the safety of the American people
and the decisions that we make in the Congress to minimize the risks associated with terrorism. I hope my
colleagues in Congress will embrace the recommendations in the Commission Report in a bipartisan way so we can quickly make the changes needed to better enhance the security and safety of our citizens. Given the worldwide threat of terror and al Qaeda's reconstituted strength, I believe time is of the essence."

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