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Statement by CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen on the Death of Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden


Location: Unknown

"I commend the President, U.S. military, and intelligence services for the brave and successful mission of justice they completed yesterday.

"The devastating attacks of 9/11 not only changed our nation, it united Americans against those who seek to destroy our freedom.

"Although Osama bin Laden's death helps many families have some closure, this nation knows that nothing can ever heal the pain of their loss. Today, as ever, we stand in solidarity with all who experienced loss or injury on a day that will never be forgotten in our memory.

"Our nation must remain vigilant against terrorists who aim to cause harm and destruction to our citizens, both in the homeland and abroad.

"As long as there is evil in the world, the United States will be prepared to fight it. My gratitude goes to those who work in defense and aerospace in the 36th Congressional District and across the country -- they continue to have a key role in combating terrorism.

"The completion of this mission is a step closer to bringing our men and women home from Afghanistan."

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