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Blog: Open and Accountable Government


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Open and accountable. It's how I live my life, it's how I run the Secretary of State's office, and it's how I will serve you as Governor of our great state.

It's simple: West Virginia taxpayers have the right to know how their money is being spent. Every single penny of it. We West Virginians work hard to earn a living, and it's time we had a government that works as hard as we do. But how do we know what the return on the investment of our tax dollars really is unless we can see that money at work?

That's why, as Governor, I will put ALL state government spending on the Internet in plain language so that you can do just that. Just as you balance your checkbook at home and keep track of your family's spending, when I am Governor, you'll be able to go online and see how our state is doing the same thing.

To build a stronger West Virginia, we must focus on creating good jobs, diversifying our economy, and lowering taxes. As we tackle these challenges head-on, we have to make sure that we're spending your hard-earned tax dollars wisely, and meeting our goals. West Virginia has so much potential, and I have high expectations for all of us.

As Secretary of State, I've made government much more open and accessible to West Virginia's small business owners. As a result of my efforts, in 2010 alone, the number of online filings by our businesses nearly doubled to more than 16,000. By putting information on the Internet and cutting red tape, I have made it easier for our small business owners to do business. And that's just what West Virginia needs.

Just as I expect openness and accountability from our state government, I also expect it of myself. That's why I've put forward my jobs plan for West Virginia, Innovation and Accountability 2020. I hope you will visit the issues page of this website to learn more about my plan to build a stronger West Virginia for generations to come. And most of all, I hope that you will reach out and share your feedback with me. Because I am running for Governor to serve you; this is your government, and I invite everyone to participate.

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