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Laurel Leader Call - Reeves Brings Campaign to Laurel

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Location: Laurel, MS

State Treasurer Seeks Lt. Governor Post

By David Owens

The Friends of Tate Reeves hosted a meet and greet with the current Mississippi State Treasurer Thursday at The Loft in downtown Laurel.

Reeves, who was elected Treasurer eight years ago, is currently seeking the Mississippi Lt. Governor's office along with fellow Republican State Sen. Billy Hewes of Gulfport. Current Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who was in Laurel Wednesday, is running for governor.

Speaking to a group which included the Jones County Republican Women and other supporters, Reeves said the area was "extremely important... for any Republican running for office."

"I've been on the ballot four times over the last eight years and all four times Jones County was very good to me," he said. "I won Jones County every time."

Reeves said the state of Mississippi needs a "true fiscal conservative" as Lt. Governor, someone who can stand up when political leaders go down the wrong path.

"Upon being elected, I took on former Attorney General Mike Moore, who was illegally diverting $20 million of taxpayers money to a private nonprofit," he said. "I received calls that said my political career was over. I thought about it for about three seconds and then said if I do what I think is right and that means my political career is over, then so be it."

Reeves said he also took on House Speaker Billy McCoy (D-Rienzi) in order to protect taxpayers' money.

"I did what was right for the taxpayers," he said.

If elected Lt. Governor, Reeves said he would work to attract businesses to the state as well as increase the educational attainment of citizens.

"Mississippi's future will be far brighter than her past," he said. "I want to give my children, your children and grandchildren the future they deserve."

Reeves said he will spend the next few months "telling people why I should be Lt. Governor, not why other people ought not to be."

"I will have a positive message-based campaign," he said.

John Parker, chairman of the Jones County Republican Party, introduced Reeves, calling him a "longtime friend."

"He's done a great job as State Treasurer and will do a great job as Lt. Governor for the state of Mississippi," he said.

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