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Last week marked a historic time for our nation as the U.S. House of Representatives initiated and passed the largest budget cuts in history. Last Thursday, the House approved the Fiscal Year 2012 budget proposal of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) -- the Chairman of the House Budget Committee -- in order to start making real reforms and real cuts to address our nation's fiscal crisis. Washington has a serious spending problem and I believe that reforms like the ones in Chairman Ryan's proposal will start the conversation between Americans and legislators about the best solutions. By passing this budget, the national dialogue moves from one of cutting billions of dollars in spending to one of cutting trillions while starting to tackle our mounting debt.

Unfortunately, some of our country's leaders still aren't getting the message. In response to Chairman Ryan's budget proposal, President Obama decided he was going to call for a do-over on his FY'12 budget -- which he submitted to Congress months ago -- in a speech last Wednesday at George Washington University. Not only does the President's proposal fall short of solving our spending problem, but he also proposes the largest tax increase in American history and suggests repealing existing tax relief for American job creators in order to pay for what he deems "popular spending." A tax hike would devastate our fragile economy by stifling job creation and deterring employers and small businesses from growth and investment. Simply put, families should not have to carry this burden while the federal government's spending spree continues unfettered.

Nothing is a more significant reminder to the American people that the federal government needs to be held accountable than today, national Tax Day. Many Americans and small businesses will file their income taxes, entrusting their government to use those tax dollars responsibly. While most believe their tax burden is already too high, if President Obama has his way, that burden will be even higher. In order to prevent the burden of our nation's fiscal crisis from being passed on to job creators and America's workforce, we need to cut spending -- not increase taxes.

Over the next two weeks, the House will stand in recess and I look forward to returning to the 11th district for a constituent work period. I hope to hear from many of you regarding the progress we are making in getting our fiscal house in order, as well as what hurdles we have yet to overcome. We are still a long way from setting this country back on the right course towards fiscal responsibility, and I will continue working towards these goals on behalf of my constituents in the 11th District of Georgia.


Phil Gingrey, M.D.

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